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Revisiting Past Trips During Quarantine

Recently, I was notified by the Facebook "On This Day" feature that exactly one year ago, I had been deliriously perusing the streets of Prague. Jet-lagged and desperately wishing for a shower, I remember slogging along the Medieval cobblestone streets of the city, half-wishing for my nearby hotel room bed but desperate to soak up the experience during our whirlwind three day tour there.

Seeing the reminder that I was halfway across the world 365 days prior hits like bittersweet smoke. Memories waft freely, lazily in my mind as I skim the remnants of our carefree travel days, Pre-Covid. The world has changed. It may never be the same experience traveling again. But I take solace in having experienced those memories.

Ducking into a tiny, covered patio overlooking a rainy Square in downtown Prague, digging into a hot bowl of Kulajda (soup). Doing a Bohemian Craft Beer tasting. Studying the intricacies of the Prague Astronomical Clock, the oldest working ticker in the world. Crossing the Vltava River by way of the Charles Bridge, offering the most stunning views of this spectacular Medeival City.

365 Days. The past 70 or so of which have reminded us to soak up our independence and freedoms even more. I don't know when I'll be able to travel again, but I will cherish those memories all the more in the meantime.


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