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A Scottsdale Desert Oasis

First post in a while. Getting the serious stuff out of the way before I recommend this amazing resort in Arizona!

The year 2020 will forever be synonymous with COVID. Also: A succession of thwarted career goals, vacation plans, homeschooling and strained family time. (And that's all in addition to a devastating global pandemic.) In a nutshell, it's been a rough one. Personally, we'd moved back to Vegas last year to pursue covering Entertainment News for me, and then.... COVID. Everything was hit on "pause".

Six months into this new normal, it remains a struggle navigating being cautious/conscientious and taking time for ourselves to maintain sanity. I've struggled with the dilemma of pushing forward on my "Blond About Town" brand, highlighting beautiful places and events- how to maintain momentum while also being cognizant of the struggles the world is facing- healthwise; financially; growth-wise.

My ever-evolving version looks something like this: Wearing A Mask. Checking in on other human beings. Checking my inherent privilege, and seeking growth overall- spiritually, and compassionately. And being kind- to others and myself. That includes showcasing beautiful places and spaces- what I set out to originally do. We could all use some levity and escapism during these tough times. So. With that all said, I wanted to highlight an amazing Paradise Valley, AZ resort.

We had the opportunity to check out Mountain Shadows Resort in Arizona over the weekend, and it did NOT disappoint! This gorgeous MidCentury Modern resort sits in the jewel of Phoenix, Paradise Valley. Vintage photos of Mod 1960s hotel patrons are tastefully featured in each room. Adjacent to the lobby, a gorgeous wraparound bar overlooks palm tree-flanked pools. In the background of their 18-hole golf course, the famed Camelback Mountain (which I dont recommend hiking before October!) looms prominantly.

Despite Phoenix's notorious heat, we were able to cool down poolside with their take on a Pina Colada (available Virgin), which was the perfect way to relax in the 110+ temps. The area Mountain Shadows is located in is super close to a dozens of amazing restuarants, and the hotel itself offers multiple dining options (I want to go back and have brunch at their Hearth 61, which looked super tasty) and even a gift shop with a high-end boutique feel.

Scottsdale/PV has been known as a resort town since the 1950s, but even since I moved away in 2013 I am always stunned at the new boutique resort offerings popping up every time I go back. Mountain Shadows is not one to miss!


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