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Uniquely Beautiful Hotels

I remember vividly my first brush with the inexplicable power of hotel design to evoke emotion. I was on a Fifth-Grade Chorus fieldtrip to a Marriott in Washington, D.C. I grew up in the nearby Maryland suburbs, but up until this day my exposure to hotels consisted of greasy roadside budget spots our family would inevitably pile into on the way down to visit my Grandma in Mississippi.

This was different. I'm pretty sure I dedicated at least five pages of my childhood journal expounding on the lobby's design alone--the recessed walkway; the grand, terrariam-like front room; the water fountains seemingly-tinkling in-time to the Piece Maitresse-- an elegant pianist seated at the center of a large pool, tinkling away at the ivories.

In hindsight, I'd love to re-witness that same lobby through an adult lens; I wonder if I'd still be in awe, or realize how corporate & unoriginal everything was. Regardless, it set forth a life-long love to beautiful and unique hotels and lodgings.

To me, travel is heightened as a whole by not only the surroundings of a city, but by where you relax and recharnge. Proximity to experiences is ideal, but I love the idea of hotels by their own right offering world-class experiences like unique dining, decor, spas or recreational activities on-site.

No where does Hotel luxury like Las Vegas, a city I am lucky enugh to currently call home. In a sad twist of fate, no where has been hit as hard as the city I love due to current travel restrictions from Covid 19. I know, like any other trying times, this too shall pass....and we will be back to enjoying beautiful, unique hotels yet again.

In the meantime, I will be looking back on some of my favorites fondly, and researching future hotels to contribute $ to the economy. (Pictured, our room at the Sacher Hotel in Salzburg, Austria)


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